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October 05
The SharePoint 2013 Developer Platform

In this post, i’ll show the new appmodel for SP2013:

Start: Set up the development environment for SharePoint 2013

How to: Set up an on-premises development environment for apps for SharePoint

In SP2010, all custom code and declarative components were packaged into .wsp solution files. In SP2010 we have both farm solutions(installed on the server), and sandboxed solutions(installed in the database).'

We can still install .wsp files in SP2013, but only for backword compatibility!

Custom code in SP2013 is built using “apps” instead of a solution file. Apps for SP2013 are written with HTML and JavaScript and uses the Client Side Object Model.

There are three types of apps in SP2013:

Client-Side Apps(JavaScript)

Server-Side Apps(Cloud-hosted, ASP.NET)

Hybrid Apps(Mix of client-side and server-side).

In Visual Studio 2012 we create apps using the new Office/SharePoint template App for SharePoint 2013:


The second page in Visual Studio is how we specify the settings for the app:


Hosting options for apps for SharePoint

The new solution in VS2012 for SP2013:


There’s also a new SharePoint 2013 App Marketplace which is a global set of published Apps that SharePoint customers can access. Every SharePoint 2013 farm also has it’s own Corporate App Catalog that contains all apps for SharePoint the metadata.

The SharePoint App Store:


A SharePoint administrator can grant access to the marketplace to allow users or administrators to use the SharePoint marketplace.

When you deploy a SharePoint hosted App to a SharePoint site you’ll see that App in that site:


The deployed app in a sharepoint site:


The Deployed App:


You’ll have to give permission to the App:


Permission for an App(click trust it):


A trusted App listed in Site Settings > App Permissions:


You could also remove the permissions for this App:


You could also add this App in the SharePoint Corporate Catalog:


Browse to the .app file and upload it in SharePoint:


Fill in a description:


check the feature box:


The publishded App:


Now if i go back to the developer site, i’ll see the app in the “noteworthy” section:


If i click “App Details” i’ll see the details a specified earlier:


Stay tuned for more SP2013!


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